Shaked Energy - The leading company in Israel for steam solutions



Shaked Energy was established in 2007, and its Majority shares were bought by Ledico in 2011. Today the company has a High reputation as a leading service provider to a wide range of customers from different industries in the Israeli market



Our service Team has been operating and servicing steam boilers for more than a decade. The company specializes in providing most efficient, economical and valuable answers for steam boiler operations, and for burners conversion to Natural Gas



We are representing in Israel Fulton, Clayton, Saacke, Medenus, Metreg, Dreizler and Bosch

Shaked Energy is Planning complete energy rooms, providing all equipment: steam boilers, hot water boilers, chimney, steam and gas .pipes, fuel and water systems and more. We manage the project on site, including Installation and commissioning



The company rents, for long and short periods, new and 2nd hand steam boilers. We provide maintenance, spare parts, environmental protection treatment and test preparation at the customer’s site


Shaked Energy owns and operates a variety of Boilers with steam output starting with 100 Kg /hr and going up to 80,000 Kg hr.  Therefor we give a 24/7 service




For more information please contact us:

Shaked Energy - Steam Services, P.O Box 1186, Kiryat Malachi.

Plant Location: Reem Junction Industrial Zone

Tel: 08-9330917 /  Fax: 08-9430831

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